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Apropos Customer Service provides support for the Smart Characters products and accessories. If you have a question on any related topic, please feel free to contact us. The best way is via voice telephone at 617-648-2041. Next best is via email to /contact. If you do not need an answer right away, you can mail us a letter or send us a fax to 617-641-0342.

Besides handling questions, Customer Service designs and develops customized versions of Smart Characters software for special purposes, including custom applications based upon Smart Characters technology. If you have a project that involves foreign language text processing, contact Apropos to see how we can help.

Topics of Current Interest

  • Viewing and annotating Japanese and Chinese web pages.
  • Getting an up-to-date zip and unzip program from Info-Zip or from PKWARE, Inc.
  • The Smart Characters for Windows User's Guide and Release Notes.
  • The Radical and Stroke dictionary Instructions.
  • ScAnnote (Auto Annotator) Japanese sample files.
  • The DoubleByte TrueType font interface.
  • The Expand program update to Windows 3.1 and 3.11 zipped (recommended) and not zipped. Download this only if the version of Expand on your system merely copies instead of expands files that should be expanded.
  • Customer Service via E-mail and the Web

    We will be offering customer service directly from this web site. You can download user's group files or new updates, or request that updates be emailed to you.

    Updates from builds 18 and later fit into a 550k zip file. Updates from builds 17 and below require a new set of distribution disks.

    You can also download certain functional portions of the system, such as the default project (initialization) files, fonts, keyboards, dictionaries, etc. Click here for a listing of files available for immediate download. Additionally, you can order and pay for upgrades by clicking here.

    You can download distribution disks for Smart Characters for Windows. To get started, contact Apropos Customer Service. The Customer Service robot will e-mail a zip archive containing executable files and directions for downloading, decrypting, and installing or updating new distribution disks.

    Submitting Files to Customer Service and the User's Group

    To submit files for inclusion into the User's Group, zip them up if possible, and attach them or the zip file to an e-mail message, and send the message to Apropos Customer Service at /contact. Click here for more information on how to use E-mail to send and receive attached binary files.

    Alternatively, you can upload files to our ftp site at ftp.aproposinc.com. Change to the /pub/users/apropos/uploads directory. Because this site is accessible to the public, you should encrypt any zip file you don't want others to access. Be sure to send email to /contact to let us know that your file is there. Include the name of the file(s) and any decryption key(s). Otherwise, uploaded files will be automatically deleted.

    Unfamiliar with the Chinese or Japanese languages? See background information for a discussion of the terms and concepts used in Far East languages.

    Need more info? E-mail to Apropos Customer Service

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