DoubleByte TrueType Font Interface

The DoubleByte TrueType Font Interface allows Smart Characters for Windows to use and export to any other Windows application any Japanese, traditional, or simplified Chinese TrueType font under any version of Windows. Use to display and print in a variety of typefaces and styles, for very high resolution printing or typesetting, to print Chinese under Japanese Windows, or vice versa. Avoids the expense, hassles, and penalties of actually running Japanese or Chinese Windows. Works with Windows or Macintosh fonts. Asian TrueType fonts (not included) are available separately from font dealers and makers.

Font Vendors

Far east TrueType fonts typically install into their corresponding native Windows versions. Contact Apropos Customer Service for installation instructions to install into other Windows versions. Alternatively, we can purchase these fonts for you and supply them with an installation program into any version of Windows.

The DoubleByte TrueType font interface works with any far east TrueType font designed for Macintosh or Windows. It may not work with other scalable fonts that claim to be "TrueType quality", but are not actually far east TrueType fonts. If you are using TrueType fonts that are not up to spec, Customer Service may be able to help you install and use these fonts anyway. Contact Customer Service for details.

Free or Shareware Fonts

A few sites contain TrueType fonts that you can download and try. The quality of these fonts is typically not nearly as good as commercial fonts, especially at low resolutions and low point sizes, but you may enjoy playing with them anyhow.

Download the Latest Version (1.0 Build 022)

If you are a Smart Characters customer, you can get download the latest version of the DoubleByte TrueType font interface by clicking here. The directions for installing the interface are included in the zip archive file. To extract the directions, enter "unzip dbttfi22." Open and read the file "dbttfi.doc" using Smart Characters or Notepad.

See directions for viewing and annotating Chinese and Japanese pages using Smart Characters. See also the Smart Characters brochure, product list, Smart Characters for Windows and Smart Characters for Students product comparisons.

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